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In the pursuit of service excellence, Airborne Comfort offers a unique set of product and performance guarantees that ensure our clients a perfect consumer experience or we make it right GUARANTEED!



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Here at Airborne Comfort, we believe that our customers deserve the best in premium quality materials and equipment. We believe that our product offering should be long-lasting and provide unparalleled value. So we commit to our clients that we will stand behind each and every product that we make and sell. If you don't like the way it fits or performs we will make it right Guaranteed!


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It's hard to find good help. Trust us, we know! Finding qualified technicians is one of the most challenging things a company can do. So we have developed internal training programs for technicians that are unique to Airborne Comfort. This allows us to provide our clients with the highest caliber of quality installation and workmanship. If for any reason our team installs any piece of equipment that's not to your 100% Satisfaction, we will send another team to rectify it. Additionally we will write you a cheque for $250.00 for the inconvenience.


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We value your time so will be on-time or we pay YOU! No more waiting around for an unorganized company that has no respect for your personal time. We understand that things don't always go as planned but when we cause our clients delays, we pay them $250.00 for their inconvenience.


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Being unhappy with a product or service you have paid your hard earned money for is an awkward and sometimes upsetting situation that nobody wants to be in. Unfortunitly many contractors will tell you “it's too late, you bought it.” But not here at Airborne comfort, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason in the first year you're unhappy with your purchase we will, at your request remove the equipment and refund your money in FULL.


Get ready to experience the absolute best in property protection. Our team is trained to follow very specific procedures for protecting your home and your belongings. Our new vehicles will not leak oils on your driveway and our team will literally “roll out the red carpet” when we arrive. All Installations will have complete floor protection with neoprene drop sheets, shoe covers. Our trucks are all outfitted with shop vacs and cleaning equipment so when our technicians show up in white shirts, they know how to keep things clean, even your home. We guarantee it.

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When it comes to Satisfaction it's nearly impossible to please everyone. But that doesn't mean you dont matter. The Airborne Crew will rise to the challenge. Our team vows to do everything in our power to make it right, to keep all of our clients 100% Satisfied the way YOU want it.

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